Thursday, October 26, 2006


Unfortunately I had to leave a bit early and miss out on the final leg of the trip while Anthony and Chad will be in Southeast Asia until October 31st.

So much has happenned within the last three weeks and its difficult to take it all in. But with a 20+ hr flight schedule I've found some time to decompress some thoughts.

Before coming to America, my family escaped Vietnam after the war. It scares me when I think of what I'd be doing in Vietnam if my dad didn't round up the kids and jump on that boat. Would I be the kid asking for change on the street? A street vendor trying to make an honest living? Or even a cab driver trying to persuade tourists into brothels? I don't know. But what I do know is that I identified with the people here. Thoughts always rushed in my mind "that person could've been me" or worse yet, "that girl could've been one of my sisters".

I found a stronger love and a deeper respect for my dad. Although, I never made it to Vietnam on this trip... I know the issue of child trafficking & prostitution is extremely prevalent there (and all over the world for that matter). What can I do to stop it? I had a great conversation with a businessman en route to the states yesterday and he told me that just the simple act of raising peoples consiences about the issue was a powerful thing.

Some people have already asked me what if the trip, film, the entire mission is unsuccessful?

But to me, the fact that it has opened my own eyes, proves victory enough.

So I will continue to do what I can.

We have a possible interview lined up with an international social figure on human trafficking next week in New York.

Let the games begin.

Oh yeah... I already miss the kids at the orphanage.

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Bflat Multimedia Vietnam said...

great works, I can't say much but thank you for works like yours to bring this great depressing issue to the mass.

I can't do much but will act, let me know if you need some helps