Sunday, October 22, 2006

Change of plans.

So things have been going well for the past two days. We have had three great interviews with people who provide after care for girls rescued out of prostitution
and one interview with an orphanage that provides for children from age 0-5 that are infected with Aids/HIV and left with out no care from parents or family.
Also a quick day trip to a mountain village near the boarder of Burma where we meet with a local in the community and interviewed him on the challenges the village faces and how the issues with burma, drugs and trafficking play a part in the village and his life.
The plans have shifted for us a bit after a long lost contact popped up in an email and has pointed us to a few valuable connections that we will be leaving Thailand for to a near by country to follow up on and interview and research in different cities to find more leads on the root of the issues and possibly help with finding better solutions and after care programs that may already be in working.
We will post new photos and more info on this change of plans when we feel more able to express details and share what we have learned without putting ourselves and others working with us in to situations that could cause problems for future work and the trust contacts

Tonight we are in at a hotel in Bangkok and wait to fly out in the morning on a early flight. Some important interviews are still left here in Bangkok and we hope to return to Bangkok again to complete those before our return to the USA.

This week is going to be our busiest week and probably most exciting and rewarding. We are amped up not sure if we want to come back home so soon. :)

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