Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pumpkin Spice Latte's In Thailand?

So we get off the plane, catch a cab into town and conviently find ourselves sipping down a hot cup of you know what the next morning....Yes that's right I've had my double dose of dopio's today and it came from that little slice of heaven we Americans call "The Bucks" It's taking over the world! Well, Liem and I arrived safely still waiting for Chad who is a couple of days behind us on our travels. The first day we spent trying to acclimate ourselves to Thai culture,which to my surprise and sadness is very Americanized; at least the parts of Bangkok we've seen. A few bars we have ventured into felt like we walked into a MTV spring break party in Cancun filled with frat boys and older Caucasian men. The only disturbing difference is catching the occasional fifty year old American male out of the corner of your eye with a local women or man less then half his age. It's a different world here and I know we haven't even begun to scratch the surface. We have been blessed to have been hooked up with my old roommates uncle; an international business man here in Thailand who is very educated in Thai culture. He has been educating us from a different perspective and sharing his opinions relating to the trafficking problem here in South East Asia. We respect his opinion greatly and he has shed some light on areas we haven't even thought of or perused yet. We are excited about the days to come and have a few scheduled appointments with locals tomorrow, which we hope will help focus our cause even further. We'll keep you posted with further information and some new video footage we hope to get posted online within the next few days. Thanks again guys for your prayers and support!

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kory said...

ha! crazy bout the bucks, huh? tastes the same anywhere in the world!

i'm praying for you guys...just gotback into the city and am gonna start on stuff for the banners tonight. doing the shot for them tomorrow night after life group. word. hope you guys are safe...

<3 k