Sunday, October 15, 2006


Ok so today we are driving... leaving chaing rai
and heading out to chaing mai! 2 1/2 hours from
the orphanage we are with now. To our surprise
Chaing Mai is a large supplier of Human traffiking
victims and also has a healthy amount of brothels.
This city also holds about 2 million people!
We rented a pick up truck with an extended cab for only
25 dollars a day and that is expensive for over here but its
new and will get the job done without any trouble. The roads
are paved for the most part minus random construction and road detours
as well as flooded portions of road and huge potholes.
We are excited to meet with the connections that we have
gained acess to in Chaing Mai and think that this will be a major
plus in our trip and bring in a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you for checking in and we will post new pictures soon.


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