Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chaing Rai

Wow. A lot has happenned since the last post.

We've been able to connect and meet with people in Bangkok and now we are in Chang Rai at the childrens orphanage and you may see that our blog and information has been changing on our web page to protect the people and children. Some information we need to be more carefull about sharing and posting and want to be as safe as possible, so we may not use names and exact locations at this time. Since we are limited to email access, we are actually at an net cafe closer to town right now.

The children here have been awesome. It's real encouraging to see faces of hope and happiness despite the difficult past they have been through. The head director at the orphanage, is teaching the orphans trade skills so they can eventually live a self-sustaining life and produce careers that will carry them into the future and make a living for them and their families.

Posted is a snapshot I took of one of the kids, known as "the wicked soccer player, sharp english student, guitarist-extraordinare" kid.

Later on, I the director of the orphanage is going to take us into the more remote villages.

Will touch base a little more later.

Thanks all.

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