Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Changing careers

Ever since we got back from our trip to Cambodia, things have not been the same.
A few experiences in Cambodia are burned into my memory forever:
  • The overheard conversation of a madam and a sex tourist negotiating over what type of girl and for how much.
  • The 3 interviews I conducted of girls who had been either raped, trafficked, or were in extremely impoverished conditions. The bravery, the innocence lost.
  • Speaking with a staff member at Hagar International. Her advice: a doctor, lawyer, or other highly trained professional should use his or her skills to help, not just serve soup...
So when I got back to New York, I attempt to return to work after all that I had seen, all that I experienced.

I couldn't.

As an optometrist, I practice in a seemingly comfortable private office in Manhattan. But I can't stop thinking about these girls. How can I help from over here?

After months of praying, searching, pondering, I have decided to leave my job for more public/community health related optometry. Maybe if I can learn what mobile optometry looks like, on our next trip I can help these girls see better by giving them eye exams and getting them glasses! After all, these girls are learning to read, write, sew, work.

Imagine that: The Blind Project helping rehabilitated women and children to see better!

Wish me luck on my job search.