Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Worthy Cause: Hagar Cambodia

Over the past few years The Blind Project has teamed up with numerous organizations fighting trafficking on the ground. One in particular is Hagar. This is a worthy cause with a worthy mission. They need our help. We understand that the country/world is in financial turmoil, but we can all still give something. Right now Global Giving is matching every dollar donated to Hagar until March 27th. If you feel inclined check their website out and do what you can. We would normally not be asking for help like this, but again this is an organization The Blind Project has worked closely with serving and knows not only the legitimacy of their programs, but also how much they depend on donations to keep running.

I leave you with a story from one of the girls housed in their aftercare program.

Sokey was living in a remote village at age 12, when a relative suggested she be sent to another province to work as a domestic helper. Her parents agreed, as she wasn't attending school, and perhaps she would get more to eat. They didn't expect that after two weeks she would be sold into a brothel. When Sokey was first rescued, she was taken directly home. Heavily drugged and very traumatized, she just sat and stared into space. Her parents thought she was crazy and took her to a human rights organization, which referred her to Hagar. Sokey is now doing well at our Kampong Thom Aftercare Center. She doesn't want to move, even if its temporary.

Below is the link for donations:

Give now through Global Giving

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