Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moving On...

I can't give details but all i can say is some major connections recently came through and we found ourselves as of yesterday traveling a neighboring country to pursue some interviews with a few very influential people including a woman who was nominated for a nobel peace prize for her humanitarian relief efforts toward human trafficking. We decided to spend an additional week here and will be interviewing girls who were victims of trafficking along with mothers who's children were kidnapped and trafficked into the sex slave industry. We had a lot on our plate, but we are working with some very powerful people and are excited already with some of the success of these interviews. We will continue to keep you guys posted of any updates. We apologize again for some of the anonymity of our posts, but we have been asked numerous people whom we have meet with that we maintain a high level of discreetness because of the subject matter. Also we are all saddened that we will be loosing Liem on this last leg of the trip. He will be leaving us tomorrow and heading back to NYC for previous engagements. Were gonna miss you man!


Rachelhasjoy said...

im stoked for you guys. your like detectives for truth. love it.

Sue Kasmar said...

Anthony, Chad and Liem,

Praise God for His leading and guiding you on this recent trip. Last Wednesday in prayer the Lord laid upon my heart the mothers of these children who are enslaved in human trafficking. I felt the bereavement they felt of their children being torn from them or of poverty seemingly necessitating their selling their children "for the good" of the rest of the family. Such grief. I was blessed to read in your blog entry that their story will be part of the story you will be telling.
Go in the Power of the Holy Spirit and press in to the call the Lord has created you for from the foundations of the earth! Blessings to you all and to your family and loved ones. His protection and provision in every area of your lives be yours.